Sustainable Ventura
Sunflower People Music Video

The October 2012 "Sustainable Ventura" TV series features this "Sunflower People" music video featuring valuable reduce, reuse and recycling messages and the music of Holly Overin and Charell Charley. Environmental Sustainability's Ray Olson also appears with Marian Macumber.

Also on the show this month, Sustainable Ventura talks with Steve Dodge and Josh Ball, the owners of Endless Sustainability, about Aquaponic Gardens, how they work and why they are so great for the environment. Additional segments on the show this month feature interviews with Gary Kohler, Director of Sales and Marketing for Crowne Plaza Ventura Beach and Jim Rice, President and Executive Director of Bell Arts Factory about their sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

"Sustainable Ventura" hosted by Maryann Ridini Spencer and Ray Olson, airs on Caps-TV VTV's Channel 15, Thursdays at 8:30pm. It rebroadcasts Monday-Thursday and Saturdays at 9:00am, Sundays at 8:30pm and every other Wednesday at 8:30pm.

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