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Green Drinks Event, May 2013.m4a

SustainableVentura.TV  attends the Ventura Green Task Force's Green Drinks Event on May 8, 2013 at Connect Ventura, (50 West Main Street, Ventura).

Green Drinks, well known in international environmental circles, and hosted in approximately 600 cities worldwide, is a network of unstructured meet-ups where environmental professionals from a variety of industries and concerned locals get together in a relaxed settings to network and discuss sustainable topics, exchange ideas, forge valuable relationships and of course, partake in appetizers and drinks. Show host Maryann Ridini Spencer talks to professionals that attended the event.

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Defining Green Business with City of Ventura Environmental Specialist Courtney Lindberg

Green Business is Smart Business.  Adopting sustainable practices and policies that help the environment also help a company's bottom line.  In this podcast, City of Ventura Environmental Specialist Courtney Lindberg talks to SustainableVentura.TV's Maryann Ridini Spencer and defines the difference between being a green business vs. just following green practices.   Courtney also shares information on how to become a green certified business in Ventura.  To set an appointment to become a green certified business, contact Courtney at:  805 - 667-6502 or email:

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Preventing Stormwater Pollution

In this "Sustainable Ventura" podcast host Maryann Ridini Spencer talks with Ray Olson, Manager, City of Ventura's Environmental Sustainability Divsion about preventing stormwater pollution.  Ray offers some great tips on how individuals can make a difference in keeping our environment safe and clean by taking some simple steps. 

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