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Green Business is SMART Business. In this Sustainable Ventura News PODCAST City of Ventura Environmental Specialist Lars Davenport talks to host Maryann Ridini Spencer about the upcoming Environmental Excellence Awards and becoming a City of Ventura Certified Green Business. For more information, visit: and navigate to "Business Services" and SustainableVentura.TV

Get your ticket to the 21st Annual Poinsettia Awards Luncheon 2017 on December 7, 2017. Visit or the Ventura Chamber website.

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As part of the City of Ventura’s Public Works department, the Environmental Sustainability Division’s mission is to assist in protecting and preserving the sustainability of our beautiful city in order to ensure the environmental, social and economic viability of Ventura for future generations.

The department works with all divisions of the city to help create a combined effort to foster essential environmental practices and initiatives. In this Sustainable Ventura News interview Courtney Lindberg, Supervisor of the City’s Environmental Sustainability Division, talks to host Maryann Ridini Spencer about how the city joins forces with local organizations, non-profits, and businesses for the benefit of the community. Visit:


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In July 2017, Ventura Water purchased a NO-DES  (also known as a Neutral Output Discharge Elimination System) Truck, which cleans pipes without the need for flushing. Find out how this new system, will save Ventura 10 million gallons of water per year! In this PODCAST, Host Maryann Ridini Spencer talks to Ventura Water's Management II Analyst Craig Jones about the truck and its many benefits.


Visit: and SustainableVentura.TV

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