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Almost 20% of the waste going to landfill from Ventura residents is made up of food waste, half of which is inedible (things like avocado skins, corn husks). So for the 10% that’s preventable, the City of Ventura has gathered together some important information and tools to help you curb your food waste. City of Ventura Environmental Specialist Arriana Rabago is here to share some tips on how to save the food.

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Be a Recycling Super Star!

The City of Ventura Environmental Sustainability is very excited to join the Recycle Coach Network, which will help transform how we communicate about local collection, waste, and recycling information to our residents. The city of Ventura has always taken environmental responsibility seriously, and this is simply another way for us to support our community in becoming greater stewards of our lovely city. With your support, we can continue to increase our landfill diversion rate of 74%. 

Beyond that, the Recycle Coach platform includes engagement and educational tools to help people manage and correctly dispose of their waste. We hope that this opportunity helps reduce the amount of waste sent to the landfill, increases environmental awareness, and increase our ability to promote outreach and educational opportunities.

LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST with Environmental Specialist Brandon Kaysen.

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Stormwater, surface runoff that doesn't soak into the ground during precipitation events (drizzle, rain, snow, and hail), is the #1 source of water pollution and the biggest threat to water quality locally. Why?As stormwater flows over neighborhoods, businesses, and streets, it picks up the trash, cigarette butts, pesticides, motor oils and other contaminants accumulated on hardscapes and deposits them into our local creeks, rivers, and the ocean UNTREATED! This Sustainable Ventura PODCAST shares some top tips that make a difference in preventing stormwater pollution.  Visit: and

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emPower program helps homeowners make affordable utility upgrades to their home offering a variety of incentives, financing, qualified contractors, and expert energy advice. City of Ventura Environmental Specialist Brandon Kaysen talks to Sustainable Ventura about the program.


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