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In this episode of Sustainable Ventura News, City of Ventura Environmental Specialist Arriana Rabago shares some important information about how to prevent food waste with the Food Waste Recovery Pyramid. Sustainable Ventura News is hosted by Maryann Ridini Spencer. For more information on Food Waste Prevention, visit:

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In honor of Earth Day, the City of Ventura recognizes two schools for their outstanding sustainability and water wise efforts. Environment Sustainability Division has partnered with Agromin Premium Soil Products to present Environmental Leadership Award. Ventura Water presents the Watershed Hero Award. To apply for this year’s Green School Awards, please complete the online application or written application by March 31, 2017. Winners will receive $500 and be recognized in front of the City Council! All public and private schools within the Ventura City limits are encouraged to apply. In this Sustainable Ventura News City of Ventura Environmental Specialist Brandon Kaysen talks with host Maryann Ridini Spencer about the upcoming awards.

For more information, visit:

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The City of Ventura Environmental Sustainability Division and Ventura Water offer free educational presentations to all local K-12 schools, after-school and pre-school programs.  These interactive educational programs teach students about natural resources, solid waste management, recycling, waste reduction strategies, and water conservation.  All presentations are tailored to specific grade levels and standards-based. In this PODCACAST, City of Ventura Environmental Specialist Brandon Kaysen talks about the programs for 2017.

Find out more at Also visit:  SustainableVentura.TV

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Tips to Reduce Storm Drain and Stormwater Pollution

Help keep stormwater clean this winter, and consider planting more native plants; these are plants that have adapted to the local geography, and climate of the area. They tend to need less care, require little or no irrigation or fertilizer, are resistant to local pests and disease, and provide habitat for native wildlife species. In this Sustainable Ventura PODCAST, City of Ventura Environmental Services Supervisor Todd Hunsdorfer shares some great TIPS on how you can be proactive in reducing storm drain and stormwater pollution!

The California Native Plant Society has an easy to use guide to help you make the right native plant choices, click here. Also visit:

Visit: SustainableVentura.TV

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Back to school GREEN Tips

It’s a well-proven fact that teaching children from a young age about the environment and how to be more green and sustainable helps them to develop positive patterns that stick with them for life. Each and every person can make a difference in the sustainability of their community and on this PODCAST, City of Ventura Environmental Sustainability Specialist Tobie Mitchell shares some cool green back-to-school tips!  Visit:  SustainableVentura.TV and

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EJ Harrison & Sons, Inc.’s New Enhanced Residential & Commercial Services

This past July 2016, Ventura City Council granted a 10-year franchise renewal agreement to EJ Harrison & Sons, Inc., for the collection, sweeping, diversion, and disposal of solid waste, and collection and transport for processing of organic waste and recyclable materials.

To date, EJ Harrison & Sons, in conjunction with Gold Coast Recycling and Agromin, in partnership with the City of Ventura, have helped the city achieve a solid waste landfill diversion rate of over 70%.

In this Sustainable Ventura News PODCAST, City of Ventura Environmental Specialist Tobie Mitchell talks about some of the new enhanced services that apply to existing residential, commercial and City Services.

Visit:  SustainableVentura.TV and

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Get Your Sustainability Kit

City of Ventura residents, Get Your FREE Sustainability Kit - The City of Ventura Environmental Sustainability Division in partnership with the Ventura Water Department are offering Sustainability Kits to city residents to help increase recycling and assist residents with conserving energy, water, natural resources, and even save some money. 

The kit includes either a tote to carry recyclables to the bin outside, or a 10 gallon kitchen recycling bin, a reusable shopping bag, reusable produce bag, water bottle, BPA free plastic drinking cup (for Ventura tap water!), a refillable homemade cleaner bottle with recipes, grease can lid, dish scraper, compact fluorescent light bulb, a hose nozzle, and water saving devices for the home.

In this segment of Sustainable Ventura News, host Maryann Ridini Spencer talks with City of Ventura Environmental Specialist Tobie Mitchell.

Get Your Sustainability Kits, click here!

Visit:  SustainableVentura.TV


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Become a City of Ventura Green Certified Business in 2016!

Becoming a GREEN Business is SMART Business.  In this Sustainable Ventura News POCAST Host Maryann Ridini Spencer speaks with City of Ventura Environmental Specialist Lars Davenport about "How to become a City of Ventura Green Certified Business." 

For more information on becoming Green Certified, visit:  SustainableVentura.TV and SEARCH "Green Certified Business" and "Green Business."


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Clean It Green:  Non-Toxic Cleaning Ideas

Everyone loves a clean house, but not everyone loves the process of cleaning a house! Household cleaning products often contain harsh chemicals that can potentially irritate our skin, burn our eyes, or contribute to long-term health consequences. In this Sustainable Ventura News PODCAST City of Ventura Environmental Specialist Tobie Mitchell shares some important tips to clean your home in a healthy, safe, and environmentally-friendly way.


DIY Green Cleaning Ideas, Click Here.

Environmental Working Group’s Guide to Healthy Cleaning:

EPA Safer Choice Standard:

Green Seal:


Each month, the City of Ventura opens its Household Hazardous Waste Collection Center, where city residents can bring up to 15 gallons of liquid chemicals. The Center is open the third Saturday of the month (except December). Because of the popularity of this event, we ask that you call the City to make a reservation at 805-652-4525 and visit:

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City of Ventura's Food Waste Prevention Challenge

You're Invited to take the City of Ventura's FOOD WASTE PREVENTION CHALLENGE!

In this Sustainable Ventura News PODCAST, City of Ventura Environmental Specialists Courtney Lindberg and Tobie Mitchell talk to show host, Maryann Ridini Spencer, about the City of Ventura's Food Waste Preventional Challenge taking place from May 18-July, 12, 2015.

Whether it's sour milk, mushy bananas, moldy bread, or soggy restaurant leftovers, chances are we have all wasted some food this week.  You're not alone.  The sad truth is 40% of all food in the United States goes uneaten.  Meanwhile, 1 in 6 Americans lack a secure supply of food to their tables.

You're invited to join the City of Ventura on an 8-week challenge to DO SOMETHING about wasted food.  All residents are welcome to particiipate.  We will provide you with the tools you need to be successful.  You just need to bring your enthusiasm and commitment!

During the Challenge, we'll measure how much food waste your household throws away, then give you strategies to shop smarter, prep and store food more efficiently, and get creative with cooking.

SIGN UP to take the Food Waste Prevention Survey online at

For more information, you can also visit Environmental Sustainability's booth at Ventura Farmer's Markets for the month of April OR online at



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